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Tesla Rentals

If you want an unforgettable day in the newest car choose Tesla rental. Tesla is a company that is capitalizing on all-electric driving of cars. They also have smart devices and the latest sensors. So the difference is in the different tesla models you can choose. You do have to charge it in a timely manner at a tesla charging station. Get to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in seconds. And enjoy the durability and luxury of an electric car.

Why rent a tesla?

Most people want to rent a ferrari or tesla at least once in their lives. Just because it can be done and gives it a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll also get to know the latest technology and maybe when you’ve saved up enough you’ll decide to buy a tesla. Tesla also offers the service of installing a tesla charging station at home with a purchase. So you don’t have to go looking for it yourself, the tesla dealer will do it for you.

Which tesla will you rent?

Tesla has several models that you can rent. It can be charged at a tesla charging station. It starts with Model S where you can enjoy all the luxury and comfort. But of course the appearance of the car also counts when you choose tesla rental. With the Model 3, you have a slightly larger car in your hands. The range of this tesla is also higher than the Model S. Otherwise, there are not many differences between these models. Model X offers right again that unique experience with wing doors. Men and children especially love this because they see it a lot in science fiction movies. Then you also have model Y where you can fit 7 people in it.
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When will you rent a tesla?

Tesla charging station

You can easily install a tesla charging station at home. You often attach this to the wall if it is at least the original tesla charging station. If you order it from an official tesla dealer they will also make an appointment with an electrician right away. Because every home is different, they recommend having it installed by a professional. The maximum charging capacity is 22 kilowatts and tesla’s advice is to charge the car during the nights. There is a difference between the board chargers for each model. Thus, there is no fixed charging rate to be named. However, you can ask the dealer for an indication of this. The minimum power is 11 kilowatts which allows you to charge 50 km per hour.

Have a unique experience when you rent a tesla

Most people choose model 3 when they rent a tesla. This is because it is a bit more luxurious than the S model. Also, the range is many times longer so you can enjoy it even longer and don’t have to recharge as quickly. It is also suitable to use for a wedding or gala. So you arrive at the place of delivery in style. Renting a tesla is many times cheaper than buying one!

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