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Where can you rent a Volkswagen van?

At the Volkswagen garage or Volkswagen shop, you can often rent an excellent Volkswagen van. There are even companies that hold day trips with these vans. Even in times of corona this can be corona proof and make trips like the Elfstedentocht and winter wonder trips. For example, did you know that people rent it not only for moving but also for weddings. You arrive at your wedding in style but you also move more stuff at once because of the large space of, for example, a Volkswagen crafter. You can also rent old-timers or a small camper with which you can travel throughout the Netherlands.

What do people rent a Volkswagen van for

In most cases, people rent a Volkswagen van because they want to go on vacation or a weekend getaway. After all, it’s a unique experience and they’re fairly spacious. You can enjoy with all the family in these vans. The man can exercise his muscles with shifting gears and children have room to play. Then you have the woman who can help you navigate. It’s a getaway to remember a weekend away has never been so much fun. The crafter is a moving van you can rent when you need to transport a lot of stuff. With its 35-liter capacity and the ability to run on diesel, you also save on refueling. Moving belongings has never been so economical!

Classic Volkswagen van rental

When you go to rent a Volkswagen van you will have a unique driving experience. Especially with the vintage cars where you need muscle to drive. The classic riding needed a lot more power. This is also because there was a larger shift lever and handbrake. Also when it is windy you can feel the wind coming in from outside, so to speak. You are not allowed to drive faster than 90 km per hour so instead of driving on the highway you go on the provincial roads. An ideal way to discover places you’ve never seen before.

Volkswagen garage and shop

If you go to the Volkswagen garage you are probably there to rent a classic Volkswagen van. The Volkswagen shop often has an offer from the new and old collection. Because people don’t come just for moving stuff anymore, they also have a lot of vintage cars available. These are extra fun to ride in because it is a unique experience. Your muscles are tested hard. Feel the wind coming in from outside through the vents that are in the vintage car. This is because you have a bigger gear lever and a bigger handbrake that you also have to pull harder on. At the Volkswagen shop they explain everything to you clearly. But you can also rent vans from a Volkswagen garage.

Volkswagen van rental for relocation

You can also rent a Volkswagen van for moving purposes. This could be done at the Volkswagen shop or Volkswagen garage. If you have a business in catering and only have occasional jobs you can also rent a Volkswagen caddy van. These are equipped with all conveniences and you drive with comfort from A to B. When you move people often choose a Volkswagen crafter because this is one of the largest models. You can fit 3 people in the car and you have a whopping 35 liters of space. When you choose the diesel model, you also save on fuel costs. Most companies also give you 100 or 200 free kilometers so you can be even cheaper.

Why rent a Volkswagen van ?

You rent a Volkswagen van because you choose quality. For fast and frequent moving, for example, the Volkswagen crafter is recommended. This is a model which has a whopping 35 liters of capacity. If you want to go for a day of touring to a beach or just want to get some fresh air for a weekend, you can rent the oldtimers. You have them in vans but also in motor homes which provides the old-fashioned experience of going out. Do choose a Volkswagen shop or garage because they know exactly how the cars are put together.

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