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What will you find at the caravan fair?

In October you will find the caravan fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This is the largest camper and caravan fair in the Netherlands. In fact, you will find not only caravans but also all accessories such as tents or information workshops. During the fair you can also take a test drive in what may become your new caravan. This event is organized with major parties such as the ANWB and the Dutch railroads. You can also find folding trailers of all shapes and sizes here. The choice between motorhome or caravan is decisive based on comfort. There will also be several presentations of the latest models. But of course also what new gadgets there are and which ones are coming. It’s the getaway for the vacations so you can go out with the best and newest gadgets.

What is sold at a caravan fair

At the motorhome and caravan fair you will also see folding trailers and tents. But you can also find bicycles and/or e-bikes. You can also go here if you are looking for information. Together with the exhibitor it is often possible to put together your own caravan or motorhome. You can also find the classic tents and the luxury tents here. Of course, you’ll also see the latest models with the cutest and smartest gadgets. In addition, they organize a prize festival that allows you to win great prizes or discounts. So it’s ideal if you want to save on the purchase or win just the thing to make your caravan or motorhome complete.

Who is buying stuff?

At the caravan show, there are many items that are purchased mainly by people over 60.
But in recent years, you are also seeing more and more younger audiences. However when those go to compare on the internet or choose to order online they still save too much. It is the most comprehensive offering available in this field. The prices they have are marketable and there are some great deals. But you also see the hobbyist appearing at these fairs. Often certain parts are no longer really on the market but can still be found at the fair. And if they are not there then you have a large network there which can see what they can do for you. So in addition to being an informative fair, it is also a social fair. Definitely something not to be missed.

Who is selling at the caravan fair?

Especially the larger camping stores sell stuff at the camper and caravan fair. In addition to selling stuff, it also hooks up with the driver’s license you need for this. Namely the C1 driving license they will then often try to get you to drive a trial lesson. The technology has even advanced to the point where you can work with different companies to develop your own caravan or motorhome. This is all done digitally on a screen but it does give an impression of the atmosphere. There will also be presentations by companies on useful gadgets and the latest models of caravans. The offer is there for everyone from young to old and even families can succeed here. A visit to the RV and caravan fair is anything but a waste of money.

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