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Horloge analogique

L'horloge analogique est une horloge sur laquelle les aiguilles et parfois les chiffres sont visibles. Souvent, les enfants apprennent aussi à s'exercer d'abord avec...

Berechnung von Benzin

Sie können Ihr Benzin auf einfache Art und Weise berechnen. Als Beispiel verwenden wir die folgenden Daten: Ihr Auto fährt 1:15. Das bedeutet, dass...

Fila shoes

Fila shoes are part of the Italian brand which was founded in 1911. At that time they only made clothing for locals, but in 1990 they...

Blue diesel is a fairly new type on the market

It is made of high quality diesel in a sustainable way. You can fill up at more and more places in the Netherlands. The price is just as...

Concrete table and what you should know about it

Concrete is becoming more and more common in stores just like the concrete table. You do not only have them for indoor but also for outdoor use.
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