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Modern houses: inspiration, features and possibilities

If you want to have a new house built and like sleek design, modern houses are a good option. Even when you want to renovate your house, a modern architectural style is very suitable. Often the terms modern home and contemporary home are mixed up. However, modern homes and contemporary homes are not the same. In a contemporary home, several different architectural styles are used. However, in a modern home, only one architectural style is used, the modern architectural style. Modern houses have corresponding features in this way. A house is only modern if it is built according to the modern architectural style. What exactly does this modern architectural style entail? And how do you create a modern home?

Characteristics of a modern building style

Modern homes are characterized by their own unique features. The modern architectural style can be described as minimalist and sleek. Therefore, in modern houses there are few colors and decorative elements. However, that is not to say that coziness and homeliness is not important. Therefore, you see more and more modern houses with a thatched roof. Modern homes make extensive use of glass, steel and concrete. Furthermore, many sustainable materials are also used to preserve the environment as much as possible. The exterior of modern homes often features straight walls and corners made of industrial materials such as concrete. Often the front of a modern house has few windows, while the rear has an emphatic presence. The many windows provide plenty of light in the home.

Building a modern house

When you want to have a modern home built, you will first have to look for a suitable architect. Choose an architect with a portfolio that appeals to you. Together with the architect, your ideas can be discussed. Often a great deal is possible. For example, there are usually some standard designs, but you can also have modern houses built entirely to your own design. Where necessary, the architect will provide advice on materials. Aluminum is often used for the profiles, as this material is not only strong, but also contributes to the modern look. The exterior design also uses stone, concrete, wood and metal, among other materials. The cost of modern houses is highly dependent on the design and so will need to be discussed with the architect.

Decorating a modern house

To create a modern home, the home must also be decorated in a modern way. First of all, you see the modern features a lot in the flooring. Today, cast floors are very popular in modern homes. Cast floors provide a sleek effect and are also maintenance-friendly, a win-win situation. Light can also contribute greatly to a modern look. First of all, the large windows with plenty of natural light radiating through them already contribute to this aspect. Even when it gets dark, you can use lighting to give your interior a modern look. For this, it is best to choose minimalist lamps or designer lamps in an industrial style. Furthermore, it is advisable to use neutral colors, such as white. Finally, floating staircases, built-in cupboards and open stairwells, for example, also contribute to the modern look.

Modern houses made of prefab

If you like to have a modern house, then you can choose a modern prefabricated house. Prefab stands for prefabricated, which means that the home is ready-made. Thus, the house is made in a factory. All parts are made here under perfect conditions, so there is little chance of errors. These parts are then taken to the construction site, where they are assembled. The advantage of prefab modern houses is that they are placed on your building site within a short time (10-14 weeks). Another advantage is that the cost of a prefabricated home is already predetermined. That way you won’t have any surprises. The final cost of the home depends on the situation. For a home that is somewhat generous you should assume construction costs around €180,000.

Modern houses made of concrete

When you want to build a modern home, concrete is a good choice in terms of material. This industrial material creates clean facades and lines. Also, concrete as a material is very sturdy and durable. When the home needs to be built quickly, precast concrete construction is a good choice. An alternative is cast-in-place concrete, which allows you to cast almost any shape. Construction does take a little longer because the cast concrete must dry. A modern concrete house preserves coolness, keeping the house nice and cool in the summer. If you find concrete just a little too industrial, you can finish the home with slabs.

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