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Calculate petrol

You can calculate your fuel consumption in a simple way. As an example we will use the following data your car drives 1 to 15. This means that you need 1 liter of gasoline per 15 kilometers. Also you can calculate it the other way around. Suppose you have driven 150 km with 100 liters. Then your car will drive 1 in 15, just like in the example. You could also consult your vehicle data online or in the manual. Here you can see how much fuel a car consumes in the city or on the highway. But also when you use them both in combination, so partly city and partly highway.

What types of petrol are there?

Most cars have Euro 95, Euro 98, Diesel or LPG. With a liter of gasoline you can often do longer than with a liter of LPG. Calculating the price of petrol is not only based on consumption but also on price. Often you don't want to know what it costs in liters to drive but what it costs in euros. There are online sites where you can compare petrol stations in your neighbourhood. These prices are usually updated daily. For example, there is a site that shows a green picture where it is cheap, orange where it is average and red where it is more expensive. This way you will no longer pay too much for gasoline.

Fuel consumption calculator

To calculate your fuel consumption you need to know how many liters you used and how many kilometers you drove. If you have these data you can calculate the fuel consumption. You do this by dividing the number of kilometers by the number of liters. This will give you for example 1 on 20. Then you take the receipt from the gas station and you know what you pay per 20 kilometers. The consumption can vary between driving in the city and on the highway. You have less consumption on the highway because you drive continuously at a higher speed. For the current fuel prices you can often go on the Internet. There are several sites and companies that track this daily

Calculating the price of petrol

Petrol is the most expensive fuel for cars. But a gas or diesel installation or engine often costs a lot of money. That is why the majority of the Dutch population still drives on gasoline. You have to deal with daily prices, so calculating a real fixed price per liter of gasoline is almost impossible. Your driving style can also affect fuel consumption, but in most cases this is negligible. The more gears you have, the less you use. Also an air conditioner can have an influence on the consumption, up to 13%. And if you are a businessman, you can claim back the VAT. These are all factors that influence the costs.

Why gasoline?

Often this is for cost reasons. A car uses petrol, diesel or is electric. These are the three main fuel users. It is often the case that you have to pay more tax for a diesel car than for a petrol car. Petrol is more expensive in terms of price, but if you compare it to a diesel car, you can still get some interesting prices. For a diesel car, you pay on average 3 to 4 times more tax per month than for a petrol car. A diesel car will therefore only become more economical if you drive more than 35,000 kilometres per year. If you are going to calculate petrol, then you will end up here.

So think carefully when you consider driving a petrol, diesel or electric car. It can save you a lot of money if you do the math correctly for a particular car with a particular fuel.

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