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Blue diesel is a fairly new type on the market

It is made of high quality diesel in a sustainable way. You can fill up at more and more places in the Netherlands. The price is slightly above average but you contribute much to a reduction in CO2 costs and you can do longer with the parts of your car. It is also protected against freezing with a temperature of -20 maximum. Clogged fuel filters and the growth of bacteria are thus a thing of the past. It is a drop in fuel what you can use without making adjustments to an engine. This makes it possible to always fill up with another kind of diesel in case of emergency. On many websites of petrol stations you can calculate the blue diesel costs.

European label

The blue diesel at most filling stations has been approved by the European Union as a sustainable product. You can recognize this by the certification mark you see during refueling. Often this is indicated on the product or the pole where you refuel. There are many competitors who do not use renewable products but sell blue diesel. Therefore, pay close attention to the website of the supplier in question, and check whether they have a quality mark. The blue diesel costs can often be calculated there as well. In general there is not much difference unless it concerns imitations. Imitations are often cheaper but also less sustainable. The logo for fuels that are made sustainably is EN590.

Why fill up with blue diesel?

More and more people are filling up with blue diesel. This is because we want to contribute more to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. You can calculate the diesel costs via the website of petrol stations. It is a low-emission fuel which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Because it is mostly made up of renewable raw materials, you don't have to worry about running out. Normal diesel can become depleted and is therefore not infinitely available. In addition, most filling stations guarantee the sustainability of this fuel. Help create a sustainable future for your children or grandchildren.

What blue diesel is not

Blue diesel is a product that is not made from natural gas. This is because it is made from renewable materials and not a resource that will be exhausted at some point. It also does not contain FAME (biodiesel) which makes blue diesel a cleaner fuel. It also gives no problems with a diesel engine and it contributes to the dissolution of dirt. Because bacterial growth is slowed down and rubbers no longer swell, your car parts will last longer. Blue diesel reduces CO2 and therefore also contributes to cleaner air. If you are going to calculate diesel costs, make sure you select the right fuel or variant.

Sustainable diesel

Blue diesel is a form of sustainable fuel. This is due to the omission of biodiesel. It consists mainly of Hydroteteade vegatable oil this is a product that you can recover. This makes you no longer dependent on an oil source and you contribute to a sustainable society. It gives an average Co2 reduction of 30%. It is also winter resistant up to 20 degrees below zero. You can use blue diesel for any car that has a diesel engine. Contribute to a sustainable society for yourself and the new generation.

What is blue diesel made of?

Blue diesel is made from a waste product consisting of vegetable oils. What is no longer usable for human purposes is used for cars. Since we have enough products from which vegetable oil remains, this has become a sustainable fuel. And it is available in unlimited quantities so you hardly have to deal with the fact that a source can get exhausted. Depending on which car you have, you can achieve 30 to 70% less co2 emissions. The product also contains less water, making the combustion cleaner. It is also fossil free because it does not use petroleum products. The best types also have an EN590 European mark. If they do not, you are probably dealing with an imitation, also known as mixed fuel. We advise you to calculate the diesel costs in advance via a website or at the filling stations that offer it.

Fossil Free Friesland recommends blue diesel

In Friesland, you have an organization that is committed to products that are fossil free.
Blue diesel is one of the products with which you can make a start. However, you should be aware of the different compositions that are available. For example, 80% of blue fuel is not 100 % fossil free and is mixed with other substances. For this reason, they are currently calling the blue diesel a transition fuel. One of the few companies that does sell 100% fossil free is the Frisian company Future Fuels.

Renewable diesel form

Blue diesel is a renewable form of diesel. The 100% fossil-free fuel is produced from vegetable oils that normally disappear into the environment. This form of diesel is also good against bacterial growth and can withstand temperatures up to -20. So you are not only contributing to a better environment but also to a more sustainable society.

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