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Washing machine service station

In a washing machine at a gas station you can place large and small loads. The biggest size is the 18 KG drum that you can only find at a gas station. When you have a company with a lot of clothes and no space for a washing machine then this is the ideal solution. Besides that the washing machine has a high speed so your laundry is done in no time.

How does it work?

Usually the entire wash is ready in 30 minutes and you can also dry it there if you want. The advantage is that while waiting at the gas station you can often eat or drink something. But of course you can also fill up your car or bus. Also, the prices of the washing machine at the gas station are much lower than at home. From €4 you can wash 8kg and from €2 you can dry 18kg. Then you better take your laundry with you when refueling.

What people say about a washing machine at the gas station

People are very satisfied with the washing machine at the gas station. Since 2012, the laundromat feature has also been rolled out in the Netherlands. They made the biggest growth in 2019 to as many as 160 laundry options at gas stations. The weight ranges from 8 to 18 kg washing machine at most gas stations. In addition, there are also often 1 or more dryers present. People find that the biggest advantage is that they do not have to bring detergent with them. Also the washing and drying is done much faster than when you do it at home. But the most important thing is that it is much cheaper if you save the laundry. You can wash 8kg for €4 or €6 and €8 or more is the price for the 18kg machine.

Washing machine at gas station why?

A washing machine service station offers the washing machines as an extra service. In a short time you can do the big laundry of your household or company. For big loads there is an 18 kg washing machine at the gas station. While waiting you can often use facilities such as fuel or food. In just 30 minutes you have a fresh and clean laundry.
Often the washing machines are coin operated and can be used 24 hours a day. A full laundry basket is never a problem anymore! The washing machine is self-sufficient so you don't have to add soap anymore. This is done by machine and therefore better for the environment. The washing machine also takes the heat from the tumble driers, so it has to produce less heat.

Why people wash at a gas station

You can find a washing machine at 160 places in the Netherlands. You can also dry and lose large loads. With the 18kg washing machine gas station you can for associations or large wash all lost. It is a trend that has been in Belgium and France for years but since 2018 also in the Netherlands. Because more and more neighborhood supermarkets and laundromats are disappearing, the function of gas station and shop also becomes increasingly important. Besides being faster it is also cheaper. When will you stop by the gas station to do your laundry?

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