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Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives are dark purple and come from southern Greece. You can buy these olives at almost every supermarket. Usually they are used for wine vinegar or olive oil. You can pickle the olives to create the olive oil. Besides Greece there are only a few countries which grow this variety of olives. Some European states still have a local grower who can produce them. But mainly this product will come from Greece. When you are going to pickle olives you need to have the time. This process takes several weeks to several months.

Pickling Kalamata olives

You have 2 methods by which you can pickle the Kalamata olives. The fastest method is to pickle them in black brine. This should be refreshed every day. You can also put them in water for one week. Use 500 grams of salt per kilo of olives and add 10 litres of water per kilo of salt. After this you can cut the Kalamata olives and pickle them with wine vinegar and slices of lemon.

Buy olives

But you can also buy ready-made olives in the shop. With the long method they lie in stronger brine for up to 3 months. In this process they get a slightly bitter taste which people usually like better. If you want to make flavors as you know them from the store then you will have to produce large. The process then takes about 6 months to absorb and taste.

Why olives are healthy

Kalamata olives are one of the healthiest products you can eat. An olive consists for 70% of monounsaturated fatty acids. They also have a high content of vitamin E which you will not find in many products. This ensures that skin care products are well absorbed into your skin. The unsaturated fatty acids of the Kalamata olives provide a good LDL cholesterol value. So the bad fatty acids are removed from your body as quickly as possible. And you reduce the risk of heart disease. So it's time to buy a jar of olives.

Fresh olives how long does it take before you can eat them?

You can't eat the fresh Kalamata olives right away. They first have to be pickled in a salt bath for 6 months to get that nice, slightly bitter taste. When they arrive in the Netherlands or another country you can still transform them into a tasty product like olive oil. You can do this by slicing and pickling the olives, but you should also add some lemon for contrast. In most supermarkets you will find ready made olives. Buying olives is done to your taste and once in a while trying something can not hurt.

Detox with Kalamata olives

If you want to detox then the Kalamata olives are ideal for this. Besides being good for your cholesterol they also have a positive effect on heart and vascular diseases. There are also more and more signs of a positive influence on people with chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer. There are even scientists who claim that 50ml of olive oil is equal to 10% of an adult dose of ibuprofen, but then completely on a natural basis.
Studies have even shown that even a stroke can be prevented by regular consumption of olives or olive oil. So the risk of serious diseases is reduced. It's time to buy olives!

Pickle your own Kalamata olives

There are several ways to pickle Kalamata olives. If you choose to pickle the olives, it is important that you have a lot of patience. You will need to leave the olives for at least 7 days if you wet pickle them. This is the reason why people rather buy olives than make them. If you like a bitter taste you can make them with salt. For every kilo of olives you use 500 grams of salt. Let them stand for at least 2 weeks and make sure that the juices can get out. You can do this best in a container with holes. If you are satisfied with the taste you can rinse them with fresh water and leave them in the water for 2 days. Do change the water every day. The longer you let the Kalamata olives ripen the more you can enjoy the taste.

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